Burmantofts Olive Patterned Vase 1890s

Burmantofts Olive Patterned Vase 1890s

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W: 9.5cm (3.7")H: 19cm (7.5")D: 18.3cm (7.2")

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A fine example of Burmantofts Pottery at Leeds where the art of producing strong single colour glazes was achievable due to the low iron content in the clay which did not adversely affect the colour glaze.

Burmantofts Pottery could then compete with the giants of the day, namely Doulton and Pilkington.

Here is a Burmantofts Pottery vase in olive green.Impressed repeated pattern  but not too fussy.

The vase is in sound condition, no cracks, or chips. Please view the photographs to assist with condition assessment.

PLEASE NOTE - On the base edge there is a small amount of glaze loss, the pottery itself is not chipped but the glaze over the top is missing right on the base. This means it can just be seen when the vase is placed on a flat surface. Photograph No 2 shows this viewpoint. Approximately 1.5mm in diameter flea bite.

Impressed stamp to the base 'BF' (the F reversed) England and the form or pattern number 1634

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