Daum Crystal Glass Orion Cup 1950

Daum Crystal Glass Orion Cup 1950

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W: 21.5cm (8.5")H: 30cm (11.8")D: 27cm (10.6")

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Daum Orion cup 1950

The beauty of this drawn crystal lay undoubtedly in its deliberate asymmetry and originality of shape, as much as in the quality of its metal, mineral of the first ‘water’.

It was in 1951, at the International Exhibition “L’Art du Verre”, at the Pavilion de Marsan in Paris that the success of the new Daum style was confirmed. It was recognised that they had achieved a crystal of quite exceptional quality and purity, which could be worked in increasing thicknesses.

After the Second world war, Daum glass colour had disappeared, there was complete transparency, and light, that accomplice of crystal, played endlessly in the thickness of the metal. There was never any impression of heaviness, so lively were the effects of reflected light.

Height 30cm

Width 21.5cm

Depth 27cm

Weight 2269g

All measurements are approximate

Pencil engraved signature ‘Daum (Cross of Lorraine) France on the base

In good condition, the lightest of scratches, and a flea bite on the scratched base. The photographs are showing detail which is difficult to see with the naked eye

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