Empoli Orange Cased Genie Bottle

Empoli Orange Cased Genie Bottle

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W: 18.5cm (7.3")H: 54cm (21.3")Di: 5cm (2")

£395.00 Approx $499.37, €461.45, $807.77

A spectacularly decorative Vintage decanter in bright orange cased glass. Hand blown, and then hand mauled by rolling the hot glass over a steel bar to adapt the shape produces this elegant example of a carafe/decanter from the the Empoli region of Italy. Designed and produced in the 1960s.

During it's handmade process, speckles of frit can be seen on the underside of the main body, the odd bubble and light trails of glass across the surface of the bulb towards the base of the body.

Both the body and stopper are cased in white. 

The stopper has been made individually and a cutting tool has ben used to trim at an angle from the steel rod. The extreme tip of the stopper shows the surface of the white casing, this is not damage but how the stopper was originally finished.Please see photographs.

In excellent original handmade condition, no chips, cracks or flea bites. Some light rubbing scratches on the circumference of the base commensurate with being standing on a shelf.

Vintage, Mid Century, Italian, a real statement. Remarkable to have survived its 60 + years and in my view the cased Empoli decanters are the very best and getting scarcer to find.

Height - 54cm

Width at widest point -18,5cm

Width at decanter neck - 5cm

Total length of stopper - 27.5cm

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