Josef Hoffmann 'Moser' Glass Vase, 1920s

Josef Hoffmann 'Moser' Glass Vase, 1920s

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H: 15.5cm (6.1")Di: 10cm (3.9")

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A beautiful emerald green crystal glass vase, hand blown, hand cut and designed by the famous Austrian Artist and designer Josef Hoffmann, of the Vienna Workshop. Circa 1920. manufactured by Moser - King of Glass - Ludwig Moser & Sons in Bohemia, Austria-Hungary.

The original company Moser glassworks, founded in 1857 by Ludwig Moser in Karlsbad. In 1873 he was the exclusive supplier of glass to the Emperor Franz Joseph the First. In 1904 Moser received a warrant to supply the Imperial Court of the Emperor of Austria and four years later became a supplier to Edward VII.

Considering it's Pedigree, age and twelve faceted design the vase is in good used condition. However there are a couple of tiny flea bites on the base which is also scratched. No other chips, cracks or flea bites. Some light frit inclusions in the sides. A product of handblown glass history from the finest of European makers. The deep emerald green Smaragd hue is enhanced by the upper and lower separate 12 facets.

I am attracted to its minimalist form and colour and I think it would sit well in a mid-century or modern setting.

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