John Edvin Andersson Stoneware Floor Vase for Hoganas

John Edvin Andersson Stoneware Floor Vase for Hoganas

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W: 16cm (6.3")H: 50cm (19.7")

£795.00 Approx $1005.06, €928.74, $1625.77

A fine mid-20th century example of John Edvin Anderssons work. A tall stoneware floor vase, monogram signed. Displaying beautiful earth tones throughout.

John Andersson (1899 - 1969)He was born in Tjörröd in the Vasby parish of the Hoganas region in Southern Sweden. An area known for its long and rich tradition of producing fine pottery. John became the artistic leader of Hoganas ceramics at a young age and spent over 50 years with the company before his death in 1969.

John Andersson is perhaps best known for his minature vases and bowls which makes this stunning floor vase all the rarer.

Height - 50cm

Width at the shoulders - 13cm

Width at the base 16cm

In excellent condition, no chips, cracks or flea bites. However there are some irregularites from the manufacturing process which can be seen from the photographs, for example tiny pin pricks in the glaze which can be clearly seen, and a raised area, like a bump near the shoulders which is probably a little too much glaze in the making process.

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