Holmegaard Per Lutken Heart Vase 1959

Holmegaard Per Lutken Heart Vase 1959

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Large Heart shaped Modernist vase designed by Per Lutken for the Holmegaard Glass works in Denmark. In an ice/aqua blue colourway with the Holmegaard sticker on the front and the original retailer's sticker to the base, 'KGS.Lyngby which stands for Kongens Lyngby one of the commercial shopping areas just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Engraved on the base ' Holmegaard, the year - 1959 with Per Lutken's signed initials between the numbers 19 & 59.

I purchased this Per Luken piece on a recent visit to Copenhagen.

In excellent condition, no cracks, chips or flea bites. Some light scratches to the base. 

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